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Glossary of Terms

We at J.Pollock know that the energy industry is our area of expertise, not necessarily yours. To assist you in "speaking the lingo," we offer this glossary of industry terms.


Industry Acronyms

Every business has its own unique sets of acronyms. Below is a list of some of ours to help you better understand.

Acronyms A-D

AFUDC Allowance for Funds Used During Construction
AGC Automatic Generation Control
BTU British Thermal Unit
CCN Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity
CP Coincident Peak Demand
CTC Competitive Transition Charge
CWIP Construction Work in Progress
CIAC Contribution in Aid of Construction
COSS Cost of Service Study
DSM Demand-Side Management
DR Demand Response
DSP Distribution Service Provider

Acronyms E-K

ESCOS Energy Services Companies
EWG Exempt Wholesale Generator
FERC Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
GW Gigawatt
HHI Herfindahl-Hirschman Index
IDR Interval Data Recorder
IPP Independent Power Producer
ISO Independent System Operator
IRP Integrated Resource Plan
KVA Kilovolt-Ampere
KW Kilowatt
KWH Kilowatt-Hour

Acronyms L-O

LAAR Load Acting as a Resource
LSE Load Serving Entity
MFF Municipal Franchise Fees
MMBTU Millions of Btus
MW Megawatt
MWH Megawatt-hour
NBV Net Book Value
NERC North American Electric Reliability Council
NCP Non-Coincident Peak
NUG Non-Utility Generator
O&M Operation & Maintenance Expense
OASIS Open Access Same-Time Information System
OATT Open Access Transmission Tariff

Acronyms P-Z

PPA Purchased Power Agreement
PURPA Public Utility Regulatory Policy Act
QF Qualifying Facility
REP Retail Electric Providers
ROR Rate of Return
RTP Real-Time Pricing
ROE Return on Common Equity
TDSP Transmissions Distribution Service Provider
THERM 100,000 Btus
TOU Time-of-Use Rates
TSP Transmission Service Provider