J. Pollock Incorporated

Energy Procurement and Management is a lot like rocket science.
The information is vast. The issues are complicated and national in scope.

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S&P Capital IQPRO provides a wide array of information on the energy industry including:

  • Current news;
  • Company financial and operating information;
  • Regulatory filings (e.g., Annual Reports, SEC Reports, FERC Form 1 Reports);
  • Historical and projected information on electricity and natural gas supply and demand;
  • Commodity futures prices;
  • Research; and
  • Federal and State regulatory commission practices and pending cases.

Multiple Intervenors

Westlaw Edge:

Westlaw Edge provides quick access to a comprehensive collection of State and Federal case law, statutes, regulations, court rules, and administrative materials. This allows J. Pollock to research a broad range of regulatory issues, policies, and precedents.

Multiple Intervenors

The Value Line® Investment Analyzer:

Value Line Investment Analyzer allows you to sort, screen/filter, customize, export, and create portfolios and formulas that you define. It includes both Fundamental and Technical Analysis. All data can viewed together, or by Category such as Per Share, Income Statement, Annual Ratios, Per Share Ratios, Estimates, Latest Quarter and so much more. Plus Historical Data is available to be viewed when exported.