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Billie S. Laconte
Associate Consultant

Billie S. LaConte is an Associate Consultant of J.Pollock Incorporated. She has been an energy advisor since 1995. Ms. LaConte has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mathematics and has a Masters in Business Administration from Washington University.

Upon graduation, in May, 1995, Ms. LaConte joined Drazen Consulting Group, Inc. (DCGI). DCGI was incorporated in 1995 assuming the utility rate and economic consulting activities of Drazen Associates, Inc., active since 1937. During her tenure at DCGI, she was a Senior Consultant.

Ms. LaConte has been engaged in a wide range of consulting assignments, including energy and regulatory matters in both the United States and several Canadian provinces. She has advised clients on economic and strategic issues concerning the natural gas pipeline, oil pipeline, electric, waste water and water industries. She has prepared cost allocation and rate design studies to provide timely support to clients engaged in settlement negotiations in electric and gas utility proceedings. Ms. LaConte has prepared power cost forecasting studies to assist clients in project planning, negotiating contracts with electric utilities for standby services and interruptible rates. She has prepared studies on electric and gas utilities performance-based rate (PBR) and benchmarking programs to evaluate their success and to provide recommendations on methods to be used. Ms. LaConte has worked on contract interpretation to resolve contract disputes for several clients

Ms. LaConte has worked on various projects in many states and several Canadian provinces. She has testified before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and state regulatory commissions of Arkansas, Georgia, Iowa, Maine, Missouri, Virginia also the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec and Nova Scotia. She has also appeared before the Missouri Public Service Commission, Alberta Energy and Utilities Board, Iowa Utilities Board and the St. Louis Metropolitan Sewer District.

In May, 2015, Ms. LaConte joined J.Pollock, Incorporated which assists clients to procure and manage energy in both regulated and competitive markets. J.Pollock clients include commercial, industrial, and institutional energy consumers. The J.Pollock team also advises clients on energy and regulatory issues. J.Pollock is a registered aggregator in the State of Texas (Certificate No. 80051).

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