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Why should you hire J. Pollock, Inc.?

As you explore our web site, you may ask: "Why hire J. Pollock? Isn't this just another expense?"

Can I choose my energy supplier?

J. Pollock can help you explore your alternatives. Learn more »

Time to review your energy strategy?

Strategic changes require careful analysis, planning, and lead time. There is no better time than the...Learn more »

Can I help decide future energy policy?

Energy policy isn’t just for the politicians and utilities to decide. Isn’t it time you got in the game too? Learn more »

Can I budget for future energy costs?

Future energy costs will be driven by economic and geopolitical factors. How do I consider these factors? Learn more »

Are you really getting the best rates?

You get your energy bill, you pay your energy bill. Ever wonder if you're paying too much? Learn more »